COVID-19, UPDATE: Please note that at present we only offer sessions over video platforms like Zoom. I appreciate that some people do not like this and may feel more distant and disengaged from the therapist. However, although this does happen to people and the feeling does make sense, sessions over the internet could still be extremely useful!

While the pandemic is still affecting everyday life, try to acknowledge the challenge and struggles you are going through and at the same time maintain a sense of optimism as much as possible; it will end, we will go through it. Stay safe and healthy,

Visit the British Psychological Society page for some resources; https://www.bps.org.uk/responding-coronavirus?utm_source=BPS_Lyris_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=


My name is Diomidis Psomas and I am an experienced Chartered Counselling Psychologist based in South Manchester. I work together with highly experienced, ethical, HCPC Registered Counselling Psychology Associates. On this website you will find information about our experience, in working with people who have had a range of difficulties in their life that have affected them to one extent or another.

You will also find my contact details in order to get in touch with any queries or to book in an appointment. Ideally, please contact me to arrange an initial, free, 20 minute consultation, over the phone, in order to understand what you are seeking help with and see how we could potentially meet your needs. We are here to understand, help, guide and support. We will always be honest, clear and direct with you.

We are offering assessment and psychological therapy to adults experiencing a range of different challenges, mental health problems and/or interpersonal difficulties. To be more specific we work with people experiencing the following types of difficulties:

Anxiety problems (generalised anxiety, phobias, panic, social anxiety)

Low mood and depression

• Interpersonal and relationship difficulties

Loss and bereavement

• Consequences of childhood abuse and/or neglect

Self-esteem problems


We also offer sessions on personal development; to help people develop greater self-awareness and insight. 

Recognised by main insurance companies: