Schema Therapy

Accredited Advanced Schema Therapist and supervisor

I qualified as an Advanced Schema Therapist and Trainer-Supervisor in 2013. 

Ever since that time I have been using this approach with a significant number of different clients, supervising trainee Clinical and Counselling Psychologists and teaching the approach at Manchester University on the Doctoral courses of Clinical and Counselling Psychology. 

Schema Therapy (ST) is an integrative therapeutic model, with a strong relational emphasis, designed to address deeper level maladaptive schematic beliefs and interpersonal patterns that are not responsive to first-line therapeutic approaches.

ST was initially developed as a treatment for ‘Personality Disorders’ and complex clinical problems. However, over the past 20 years, it has been further applied to an increasing range of clinical problems, and client groups.

The practice of ST is process-oriented, and utilises techniques from 4 main domains: experiential, interpersonal, cognitive and behavioural, as well as powerful experiential techniques (such as imagery rescripting, chair-work, and historical roleplay) designed to provide corrective emotional experiences that facilitate deeper level ‘core’ emotional growth and change.

When to consider Schema Therapy

ST is particularly helpful for those whose difficulties have become entrenched or chronic, and who experience enduring attachment-based patterns that hinder the effectiveness of standard therapeutic approaches.’


Abandonment schema
Emotional deprivation Schema
defectiveness/Shame Schema