Contact Me

My Psychology Practice is based in South Manchester; Chorlton, but some of the Associates are based outside Manchester

Email your query about sessions, fees etc at:

Call me, Diomidis, text or email with queries or to discuss arranging an appointment on: 07434 56 56 17.

Whether you text, or email me, I always endeavour to respond within 24-48 hours.


The 1st booked appointment is always about establishing what the main difficulties are and  begin to create a climate of understanding between myself and the client. It is also a first opportunity to discuss issues like needs, possible ways forward, past experiences of therapy, preferred goals.

At the end of that initial meeting we could have an agreement for further assessment sessions before we decide on a particular type of therapy,  OR a contract for a specific number of therapy sessions.

Whatever the decision is, we will make it together and you are obviously free to change your mind.


At this stage ALL appointments are online, using the Zoom platform.

Eventually, hopefully not in the too distant future, some people could be seen at Clear Medical, 1st Floor, 591 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton-cum-hardy, Manchester, M21 9AF,  on a Friday and only after an appointment. Appointments last for 50-60 minutes and are paid at the end of each session. If you need to book an appointment and/or query fees, please ring  me on  07434 56 56 17. 

For an initial free 20-30 minute telephone consultation email me at or leave message on the ansaphone on the mobile number above.

Should you need to cancel a booked appointment please do so at least 24hours in advance. Otherwise, I’m afraid I would need to charge for the missed/cancelled session in order to recover a number of different costs.